Introduction to Confrere

This will help you get an overview of how Confrere works

Confrere is a video calling service meant for professionals to communicate with their visitors. Professionals are at the center of our system: they are the users who have access to the dashboard, and can accept visitors (eg., clients, patients, etc.) who have made an appointment to have a video call.

There are two main flows in Confrere: the visitor flow and the professional flow.

Visitor flow

  1. The visitor visits the main page (
  2. The visitor selects which professional they wish to meet with.
  3. The visitor prepares for their appointment by entering their name and phone number in the fields provided.
  4. The visitor grants access to the camera and microphone.
  5. The visitor selects media device and gives consent.
  6. The visitor waits in the "waiting room" for the professional to call them.
  7. The visitor receives an incoming call from the professional, and accepts the call.
  8. The video call interface opens on the visitor's screen, where they then communicate with the professional via video and audio.
  9. When the visitor or professional hangs up, the visitor is taken to a receipt page. 10. The visitor may now close the browser window.

Professional flow

  1. The professional goes to their dashboard (
  2. The professional logs in with their credentials
  3. The professional sees a list of previous appointments.
  4. The professional waits for a new visitor to appear in the waiting room.
  5. The professional calls the visitor.
  6. When the visitor accepts the call, the professional is taken to the video call interface, where they communicate with the visitor.
  7. When the professional hangs up, the professional is taken to a summary page.
  8. The professional returns to the dashboard for the next visitor to arrive. The previous appointment is now visible on the dashboard.

As a developer, you must understand these concepts and use them to inject the visitor into the correct flow for your application. You can create appointments through our API, and we will return a URL where you can redirect your users when they are ready to start their video call.